At Arete Software we have a product which we use as a core starting platform for our customer’s projects. This product has come a very long way since I first started at Arete. Below you can see an example of what the old login screen looked like and what the current login screen looks like. My initial goal when I arrived at Arete for my first day was to wow the company with my abilities. My first project was for a filter cleaning company utilizing a version of the old product. After becoming familiar with the product during this first project I decided that this product needed an extreme overhaul. Not only in design, but also in user experience.

So after my first project was complete I decided to set forth on making those improvements. I started off by simplifying the structure of the project in general. The project being based on MVC was relying on a large amount of old frameworks that were not only not secure, but also no longer supported. I decided to switch from those outdated frameworks and methods to up to date ones. I kind of kept quiet about what I was doing at work for about a week or two and then revealed what I had done to my boss after I had completed some very basic changes. My boss was extremely surprised by what I had done and decided that this is what we would base the future projects off of. But this was only the beginning. **I’ll be detailing other details/improvements in other blog posts as I want to detail it in the way that it happened.