I’m a software developer from the midwest (Indianapolis, IN). Learn a little bit more about me by checking out the details below.

01. General Information

Born and raised in Southern Indiana (Bloomington), I found myself surrounded by growth. A town growing and adapting to technology, a town with a centralized focus on art, and a town just a short drive away from the racing capital of the world. All of these combined are a large part of the person I am today.

02. Education

Growing up in Bloomington and with a father who loved watching sports, we frequented IU sporting events and cheering for the home team. I ended up attending Indiana University to pursue a BS in Informatics with a specialization in Computer Science.

03. Life

I now live in Indianapolis, IN with a wonderful girlfriend and the best dog (you can follow our dog on Facebook and Instagram) we could ask for. Together, we enjoy going to baseball games, taking trips downtown for tacos and margaritas, and frequent trips to IKEA.

04. Fun

As previously mentioned, I grew up a short drive from the racing capital of the world… Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up playing with toy cars, building model cars, and riding dirtbikes led to a burning passion for all things automotive. This passion turned into a hobby of racing cars, working on cars, and attending car shows.